KAMIJO’s Birthday 2018 – Messages from the Fans

Happy birthday KAMIJO-san from your overseas fans! Here our messages for you, enjoy them 🌹

The list of messages starts with a funny video made by a fan from Brazil.

We all know you will appreciate and love it.


From Pookie, Brazil

Love of my life
I wish you one Happy birthday,
with lots of peace, health, love and success
Vera L̼cia РBrazil

Hope you have a brilliant birthday, Kamijo San❤
Mandy, UK.

I always wanted to dedicate words to you when it was a special date but nothing came out so now I wanted to improvise, so beautiful melody was the one that I heard when I met you that you let me understand that music is a world of poetry and gentlemen and ladies baielando al con pas of a story without end with ella.felicidades and thanks for transmitting that way music, I am rocio casco.
Alma from Argentina

KAMIJO: First, I want to wish you a happy birthday. I want to tell you that you are a great person, magnific, mysterious, talented, you’re a precious stone. I respect you very much as an artist. Please, take your care, have a year with abudant music, art, poetry and good things. Come back to latin america soon, we love you.
Andrea, Argentina <3

You’re a Great Human Being with a Beautiful Soul… this make you a Great Artist!
Happy Birthday
Alessandra, Rose du Roi 🌹Italy

Happy Birthday beautiful man!

Bon anniversaire, notre roi! 🌹
I hope you have a wonderful day ❤Best wishes,
Sylvester from The Netherlands

Dear KAMIJO, I wish you a happy birthday from the deep of my heart. Lots of luck, joy and health and thank you for being a special man and artist!
-Reine de Fleur, Italy

Kamijo, merry me and take me away with you, everywhere. And when you must be alone for concerts, I’ll always have you in my heart. Happy birthday, my Prince❤

Happy Birthday dear Roi! ^_^ <3 May all your wishes come true, and may you live a long and healthy life!
Have a very nice day! ^_^
Best regards!
Lindsey from Belgium

KAMIJO Birthday 2018 kylee Collins

From Kylee, Australia 

Happy Birthday Kamijo I hope it’s wonderful.
Blossom, USA

Bonjour de la france *Vive le roi*
De la part de l’ange noir “Edwyge Dubois ” dans le sud de la France

Happy birthday KAHIMIRO..!

Happy Birthday dear Kamijo. <3
I wish you all the best in your life for the years to come and that you may accomplish all your goals and dreams.
May you have a life filled with joy.
Dounia (Cheeza) from Belgium.

Thanks for being a blooming Rose, aiming to become a Rose Croix and sharing the seeds. <3
アンナ・マリア (オランダ)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I wish you all the best! Much love to you!
Leah, Australia 🌹

お誕生日おめでとうございますKAMIJO様!私はグアテマラがあなたのおんがくをききます。既存のありがとう。 あなたは私を幸せにする!🌹
メラリ レグランド

Dearest Kamijo-san,
With every day passing by, you give so many of your fans the strength to push forward. Your music, your voice, the world that you have created; it means so much to us.
As a writer, I wish there was more for me to say, but for once I find myself at a loss of words. I am so very thankful to have such a wonderful idol in my life, to help guide me and help me grow as a human. Thank you for being such a wonderful person, thank you for that time you came to Canada, and thank you for all the hard work that you do, not only for yourself but for your fans. Please make sure to take time out and rest because we worry about you. We always worry about you. We care.
Enjoy your birthday, and I hope it will be only the best for our King of Penguins.
–With love and the utmost respect,
Danii, カウントバラの

(Italian) Mi sento davvero fortunato ad aver scoperto un artista incredibile come te. Adoro le tue canzoni e non riesco a stare neanche un giorno senza ascoltare la tua bellissima voce! Ti auguro tutto il meglio ed un felice compleanno!
(English) I’m feeling very lucky to have discovered an incredible artist like you. I can’t stay a day without listening your beatiful voice! I wish you all the best, and a happy birhtday!
-Alessio, dall’Italia.

There are no words to express the love we feel for you and your music. Since we have discovered your music we have been fascinated and now we are very much attached to you. We can only wish you all the good of this world. Happy Birthday KAMIJO!!
Love from Italy!

誕生日おめでとうございます ! たくさんの幸せが訪れますように !

Dear KAMIJO-sama,
” Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have an amazing your Birthday and I wish you all the best, Thank you so much for your musics. It’s so important for me, I love you forever.”

Being successful doesn’t mean getting others’ approval. It means obtaining your own approval. Keep reminding us. I’m proud of you. Happy Rebirth Day.

KAMIJO ! BONJOUR! 😀 おめでとうごさいます!! 私は パラグアイ じん です。🇵🇾 かみじょさんは 歌手はヨロッパ でばない くて ラチノアメリカ もう 夢である。本当に パラグアイ なに 人 が分かりません。。。あなたを心から愛しています。

My beloved KAMIJO: Through these words I want to express you a part of all my gratitude that I feel for you… I have many feels in my heart when I hear your name and your music, but I want you to know all of them are good. One more year of life for you, beloved vampire, and I wish you the best in all facets of your life: like The Roi, The King we known; and behind your character, the kind human which his heart beats with all the beautiful things in this life. Infinity thanks for all you have given to me, I feel lucky to met you in the right moment in my life, you and your music are always supporting me and it fulls my life. I hope to see you soon in my lands, I can’t wait to delight me with your wonderful voice and undeniable talent. I send you many kisses, hugs and roses… Long life dear Prince! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!
Paulina Pérez (solemn_symphony) Chile 🇨🇱

Happy birthday dear Kamijo!
You’re the most talented singer, composer and musician I’ve ever known and I want to thank you for sharing your soul with your fans by creating the most amazing music. I simply love the way you build up your own world and develop beautiful stories through music which has shaped somehow my view of life. I’ve been listening to your music for so many years that it feels like your voice has become part of myself. It always fills my heart with joy and warmth. When I was going through harsh times your songs have been a shelter for me, a ray of hope that made me stronger and helped me overcome any obstacle. I will always support you and I wish future only holds success and happiness for you. Please keep smiling and bringing light to the world, my beautiful rose. You’re one of the biggest inspirations in my life and I’m grateful to be your fan
Samantha from Mexico

Happy birthday to sweetie kamijo :*<3 my wish for him is a good health and a long life 😍😍🌺🌺🌹Julie Ann, Philippines

“Dear KAMIJO, happy birthday! We are so lucky to have such a great singer and composter like you. You’re one of the best artists I’ve ever met, I’m so grateful with life for having a chance to meet you! I wish you lots of happiness and success today and always!”

Doris, from México~

Happy birthday,dear KAMIJO,on your 43-years day!!👍😀🌸🎶🎉🌹🎂🎁🍾🎉🎶
I REALLY hope you’re having a GREAT day!!🌸
I wish you’re having a lot of fun on YOUR DAY!!🌸
I L❤️VE your AMAZING music,and ofcourse,your VOICE,KAMIJO!! 👍 Sooo BEAUTIFUL!!👍
🤘”ROCK-🎸ON,KAMIJO-sama!!”🤘 “I ❤️🇯🇵-ROCK!!”

Rut, Sweden

Happy birthday, cute penguin!
KAMIJO様の音楽を聞きはじめてからもう長年になりました!今はあなたの声と曲と性格に惚れました。あなたの優しさと笑顔のおかげで、いつも幸せになれます!大勢のコンサートに来ることを願っています。素敵な日を!Love you.

Tiziana, Italy

Happy birthday, can’t wait to see you in September. Vive le Roi !

Liliath, France

Happy birthday KAMIJO, I wish you a career always full of emotions!

Kei Leela, Italy

Happy Bday!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day, with all your dear friends.
You are an incredible person and your creations too.
Always have a big smile, be strong and take care of you.
Kisses and hugs from Mexico.

Happy birthday Kamijo 😍

From Gloria 

Happy birthday to you my prince
More birthdays to come stay cool handsome pretty always smile god bless you take care wish you good health and a longlife 🌹🌹

Bonjour Kamijo-san, your music inspired me everyday as an amateur writer, historian and a common girl as well.
I hope to see you in Italy one day; a wonderful country needs a wonderful artist!

Tatiana, Italy

The intention of all this project and movement by fans from all corners of the world is to give the most sincere congratulations to you, returning at least a little of the happiness and the love you give us through your art, and how much this is important to us.

In particular, illustrating the two projects in which I participated was a great pleasure, and I intend to do it every year that the opportunity presents for me, be it for birthday projects or album releases, any of these. I love your stories, your creativity, the little pieces of you.
I hope you like it. To use a most awkward analogy: these books and projects are a great burger stuffed with delicious things, love, affection, and a taste of heaven and paradise.

Happy birthday, may God bless you, always keep in mind that you are not alone and that we will be here for you, a legion of friends and brothers.

Laura Saint Croix, Brazil

Happy birthday my dear Vampire Prince 🌹 Wishing you all the best! I hope you will celebrate! 🎉🍷🎂 Meeting you on Nov. 7th 2017 in Toronto was the best day of my life, so I hope this new year will bring a new tour (from yourself or from Versailles) and that you will visit Canada again (hopefully Montreal?🤞) Thank you for everything that you do Kamijo-san ❤ your fans are eternally grateful for you and your music 🎶
From Kanonique, a Canadian fan 🥀

Happy Birthday Kamijo~Sama <3
We wish you a day full of roses and gifts !!! … An eternity of music and happiness.
Thank you for each letter and each song. I don`t have enough words to express my gratitude, love and admiration for you.
You are our rose and our VAMPIRE ROCKSTAR!!!
Greetings with love from Colombia (I hope to see you here again!)

I hope you will have a wonderful day, happy birthday Vampire Prince 💕! Please remember that Italy loves you 🌹
Adoriana, an Italian fan✨


From Zurinkashi

Love from Belgium, Shoki!

🎉🎉🎉Happy birthday dear friend Kamijo, hugs for you greetings🎉🎉🎉🎁



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