[Project] KAMIJO 5th Anniversary Celebration

Fanbook 2018

This project from overseas fans it’s been done to celebrate the fifth year of KAMIJO Solo Project career. Messages of any kind are part of this book online: words, fanarts, photos, cosplays and so on. The videos linked below are part of this cooperation as well. 





For privacy concerns there are other two videos which are part of the fanbook, but only of KAMIJO’s special edition on DVD.

Pookie Esukiro wishing ‘happy birthday’

Dee Skinner thanks KAMIJO for His Music

Pedro Raposo’s Piano Version of Theme of Sang+Nosferatu

“KAMIJO 5th Anniversary Celebration Fanbook 2018” concept belongs to Reine de Fleur & Alla Corte di KAMIJO 

Credits and cooperations are all inside the book.