KAMIJO 25th Anniversary Celebration Fanbook

2020 is the year to celebrate the 25 years of KAMIJO’s career.

Unfortunately the whole world stopped activities due to the spread of COVID-19 and we all had been confined at home, wear mask and cancel our social life, including concerts.
So this fanbook has a special meaning and wanted to be a mean to express our love and support to KAMIJO who really was affected by these sad events.
This fanbook wants to be a place for the fans to express themselves as well, and that’s why Alla Corte di KAMIJO community wanted with all its forces to give life to this project.

Hoping for a better future to come, it’s our true hope that all KAMIJO’s hopes and dreams will come true this year. If this happens, our dreams will happen too.

Stay healthy, hopeful and thank you for your support here.
Reine de Fleur



If you want to share this fanbook on your SNS it would be very appreciated, every single message is worth of attention. Here is the link to share https://www.calameo.com/books/0065549627fd7c04234c2  Thank you.



Belly Dance by Viljia

Karaoke by Viljia, Sang -Another Story-

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