[Engl] ROYAL SALON, Summer Edition Part II

Welcome to the second part of the ROYAL SALON Summer Edition! Hoping you enjoyed the first one, here I am presenting you this content similar to the previous one. An example is the section entitled “Heart“, a corner dedicated to followers who want to contribute in their own way to the project. I remind you that you are all invited to do so by sending any work: a fanart, a report of a live or an event with KAMIJO, or a short story, a video for example with a cover or else. Everything will be published here!

As usual, for any advice, suggestions and criticisms (constructive and not offensive) remember to write me an e-mail! Even the comments under this article are always appreciated, they help me understand the popularity rating of readers.


ROYAL SALON Summer Edition Part I

May the Roses blow on your Path,
Reine de Fleur


ROYAL_SALON_Divisore_ChronicleSection dedicated to the summary of KAMIJO’s activities

Chronicle_Bottone[Tours & Concerts] CHRONICLE – KAMIJO Birthday Celebration 2019

Three-day event held on 17/18/19 July which had KAMIJO‘s birthday as its highlight. Three days of concerts featuring “Heart” on the first day, “Sang” on the second one, whereas third day was for the presentation of new songs and a special performance.

If any of you have been attending there and would like to contribute and make a report of it, it would be interesting to read it.

Eye_of_Providence_bottone[Discography] “Eye of Providence”

On July 17th, as well as being the first of the three days of CHRONICLE, it was also the release day of “Eye of Providence“. A single containing two new songs, “Eye of Providence” and “Ecstasy” and the instrumental versions. Since KAMIJO embarked on his solo career, this is the first single product in a deluxe digipack package and without other limited versions. HERE you can find the link to the release announcement of the product, there are also the links to order your copy in case you haven’t done it yet. For CDJapan customers there was an A2 poster (very nice and big!), and it is still available. If you collect his posters, don’t miss this!

Persona_grata_bottone[Tour & Concerts] Japan Tour 2019 “PERSONA GRATA”

Announced on March 27, 2019, during the Dream Live “Symphony of the Vampire” KAMIJO with Orchestra, this tour began on Friday, July 26th at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka and is currently still ongoing, even if these are the last dates before the Grand Finale in October.
This tour was called “a new form or style of live” compared to how it was done by KAMIJO up until that time. New songs in addition were performed that seem to lead to a dramatic development of the story he created. Seeing the setlists being around on Twitter above all, the new songs are not “Eye of Providence” nor “Ecstasy“, but something else, since the two aforementioned ones are always mentioned by fans, while the new ones have been put as ‘new song’. However nothing at the moment has been officially announced, we only know that starting from October the trilogy of singles announced a few weeks ago will be released.

sisters_collab_bottone[Collaboration] KAMIJO x sisters by animate cafe

Started just this week, this collaboration is the second one after last year’s successful edition that aimed to celebrate the release of “Sang“. This time the collaboration was presented to us also during the phase of its programming which took place in four phases. On the ‘sisters’ official Twitter account (@sisters_tapioca) we also can see some beautiful photos of KAMIJO who physically took part in the four steps.

The names of the two drinks are “Royal Road” and “Magical Peach“, for each order at the table there is a free coaster. Regarding this bonuses, just this morning I read the opinion of a fan who was there. She said that the coaster seems to be more like a kind of card because it is sover thin, and therefore it is not recommended to buy it from those who sell it used online. So I feel to suggest you to pay attention to such details!

All the infos and photos on the ongoing collaboration: CLICK

Rose_Croix_Bottone[Fanclub Event] Midnight Shepherd Vol. 7 & 8

Held a few days ago, this two-part event was held on the same day, September 16th. As always, it is reserved only for members of the Rose Croix, the fan club of KAMIJO, who can take a sacrificial victim with them, that is, go accompanied by someone who is not part of the FC.
The fun and distinctive element of this year is the ‘kohitsuji‘, or rather the very nice vampire little soft toy! Previously sold at every “PERSONA GRATA” tour, this small accessory was the requirement to enter and participate in Midnight Shepherd 7 & 8, in addition to the FC membership card and concert ticket. Without Kohitsuji one could not enter!
During the “PERSONA GRATA” tour a very funny ‘mania’ was unleashed on Twitter among the fans who had bought the stuffed animal, some people sewed the famous ‘Sang‘ blue coat, who put pearls on their necks and custom-made bracelets, who, again, dressed as Rock Star and much, much more. It must be said that the imagination is not lacking and certainly a small object so, given also the circumstance in which it was born, triggers really many ideas to make your own Kohitsuji original and personal. Mine will soon be shipped to me from Japan, but beyond the personal, we hope it will be sold at the FC store in Japan and internationally, given the success of so many overseas that seem to want it! If this is the case, I hope I can make a race that I have in mind and on which I don’t reveal any details yet!


ROYAL_SALON_Divisore_SonataSection dedicated to reviews, both on video and text

[Unboxing] “Eye of Providence” Unboxing by Count Von Kit


[Video Review] “Eye of Providence” by Reine de Fleur

Eye of Providence” is a very good product with a stunning packaging and a great production. The Falsetto KAMIJO has used here has divided his fandom: one part was very curious to hear it while the other one was a bit skeptical. What I wish to remember is this is not the first time for KAMIJO singing falsetto, “God Palace” is an appropriate example. The title track reminds me a bit some of the most famous and appreciated Versailles‘s songs such as “Masquerade” or “Philia“, but the main approach is still in the style of “Sang“, musically speaking. “Ecsatsy” is more into Rock style and it sometimes reminds me to songs like 361. So, an aggressive and lively sound that make this song sound so different to the title track. Then,  there are the same two songs in instrumental version, that are always good to listen to because you always discover sounds and effects that are ‘covered’ by KAMIJO‘s voice. They are also a good training mean when you are a singer or a player.

Comments and opinions are always welcome, feel free to write yours here in the comments below, on the Facebook page or on the site www.allacortedikamijo.it

[Video Review] “Dream Live” DVD by Reine de Fleur

According with Alex in his review published on ROYAL SALON Summer Ed. Part I, this release is not a good suggestion to the beginnes, but it is always a good product. I feel to say to the ones who are approaching to KAMIJO’s world to always buy fullenghts in order to have a deeper overseeing of what really are KAMIJO’s music and concepts. Starting from the track list, let’s say that it is very interesting for the huge presence of songs from “Sang” and “Symphony of the Vampire” mini album fully performed. A very good starting point. What I noticed is the almost static position of KAMIJO and the other four musicians. While Alex said that KAMIJO seemed to be tired, I have had the feeling that He was totally into what he was doing, extremely focused on his performance. This scene has given me another impression which is tied to the previous one and that I think it may be a very important aspect of the DVD: it seemed like KAMIJO do wanted to convey to the idea of a common world, where chamber music and Rock music meet and become one thing thanks to the ideal world he has created. May this be the key to watch this DVD? What do you think? Do you agree with me or you have had other visions? Comments and opinions are always welcome, feel free to write yours here in the comments below, on the Facebook page or on the site www.allacortedikamijo.it


Divisore_HeartROYAL SALON, “HEART”: section dedicated to our Followers and their Works

♦”Vive le Roi”♦ short story by Alexander, aka Count von Kit

Part 1: L’enfant

In the beginning, there was darkness. Accompanied by screams and the melody of shattering bones, that was all that existed – that was all that filled his world for the longest time. It was horrendous, and unflattering – a much different place from the more endearing memories that gave him hope; hope that one day he might see something other than darkness, and feel something more than the damp cell walls which confined him. After all, what had this child done in the first place? What did this child do to deserve such a fate, to be ripped from the arms of his parents and locked away for the crimes he did not commit?

His chest, heavy from grief yet faint of hope, took in but a shallow breath. The boy was starved, and tired of crying. Like any child, he just wanted to be home. He just wanted to see his parents and run carelessly around the palace he knew since birth. He just wanted to laugh again, and to smile. Perhaps, he even wanted to see something that showed the outside world still existed; be it green grass, flowers, or even a crisp breeze that smelled not of rotting flesh. He needed that reassurance. He needed something.


The flame inside his heart flickered as he pulled up his legs, burying his head into his knees.

“I… want to see momma,” the boy breathed, body casting a tremble. “I want…” His voice trailed off, already exhausted of speaking. Words were a plenty inside of him, but mustering up the energy to talk was a far different story.

From across the room, just on the far side of his cell, there rested a narrow hole towards the very top of the wall, closest to the ceiling. His eyes fixed on the silver light trickling through, almost as if begging him to play.

It must have been nightfall, he thought all while lifting his head up more. With the little strength his body held, the boy forced himself to crawl towards it, the sound of chains that bound his ankles jingling just behind.

“Monsieur Moon,” he breathed again, looking up to the pale orb illuminating the sky. “Thank you for visiting again. I must apologize though for not having the energy to play tonight.” The corner of his lips turned a smile to hide the pain and suffering from his only friend. “Maybe tomorrow we can. I’m sure I’ll feel much better then! Promise!”

The boy waited with little pause, content to have at least someone to talk to – someone who didn’t yell at him, or spit in his direction for no reason at all. He then laid down on his side, head resting in the spot the moon’s light touched. It reminded him of the nights back home when he would fall asleep in his mother’s lap after being read a story. How he longed for days like those to return…

“Say, Monsieur Moon. Do you ever… wish for things? I do. All the time, in fact.” He rolled over onto his back, staring back up to it. “Sometimes I wish to see mama and papa again. Other times…” His voice fell, trying to muster up the energy to speak once more. “Sometimes, I wish to be free. I wish to see the outside world, and to breathe the fresh air. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can see home again in the distance – oh, it’s so very close! In the courtyard, mama’s there, waiting ever so patiently for me…!”

Clouds dared so much as to cross between the two, but that didn’t stop the boy from sharing more of his wishes.

“I think, if I could wish for anything now, it would be for strength. Why, maybe then I could sneak out of here. If I could get that strength, I could walk – run! The guards would never catch me! I could return home!”

Delight caressed his voice, but his heart soon sank once more.

“I’m sorry, Monsieur Moon. Sometimes I just get excited, and hopeful. But it seems I’ll remain here for eternity, left to memorize every creavous these walls do bare… Wishes like those do not come true, for life is no faery tale. Papa said that once.”

“Is that really what you think, Louis?” came an unfamiliar voice.

Startled, the boy quickly sat up. His eyes scanned around, looking for where it came from, let alone from who. But the darkness was too much, as no one appeared to be present. That, or he was hearing things.

“W-who’s there?” His voice quivered.

Before him dropped a body, lifeless and rather stiff, one that looked nearly identical to his. Terror raced up his spine as the boy pushed himself away, wall now against his back. He glanced up to see a pair of piercing pale eyes staring curiously into his, watching his every move like a cat to mouse. Screams lodged their way in his throat, unable to escape – unable to run.


“Come on, Louis. We haven’t much time.”

The boy looked back to the body, and then to the figure before him. There was no way this wasn’t a trap. Where were the guards? How did someone get in here, unnoticed at that? He trembled harder, violently shaking his head and shutting his eyes. Perhaps this was nothing more than a bad dream, one he would most like to wake up soon from.

“You wish to be free, yes?” A hand extended his way, equally as pale as the moon, with nails so long that they curled upward and were sharp enough to cut through human flesh. “I can grant you that, my liege. Do not be scared, and do not be alarmed by my sudden appearance. Rest assure that I am here to help you.”

Stealing a glance back towards the hand, Louis dared so much to ask, “How… do I know I can trust you?”

An ominous laugh escaped from the figure. It was short, effortless. He was well within his rights to be suspicious, given the situation. Ah, but there was so little time left before the sun kissed the sky. “I don’t think you have any other options, Louis. If you want to live, and to see what rests outside these prison walls, you will come with me.”

Louis looked back towards the moon as if for reassurance, and then to the figure, forcing himself to muster up whatever strength he could just to stand.

“I will answer whatever questions you have once we arrive where we need to be. But we must act swiftly. All I ask is that you trust me, my liege. Freedom will be yours. That much, I promise.”

In that moment, hope danced in the boy’s eyes as he so blindly placed his hand in the stranger’s. The temptation felt that night far outweighed anything he could have ever imagined, despite the gamble he took as they fled the tower together. Among the questions he held, at the very least he wanted to know who this man was that would later become both teacher and mentor, as well as this place he was being taken to – this place the stranger described as a safe haven hidden far beneath the radar of those who overthrew the house.

To be continued…



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