[Eng] ROYAL SALON, 25th Anniversary Edition

Welcome back to the third chapter of ROYAL SALON! First of all I apologize for the long silence and absence, but some of you know what happened during these last times: my bunny who passed away and the overcome of COVID-19.
You all know 2020 is the year of the 25 years of KAMIJO’s career. Like a tradition, I have done a fanbook with some of you, but I have had also the idea to celebrate this great event through my ROYAL SALON project.
Despite the meager contents due to the cancellation of all KAMIJO’s live activities, here I talk about his last appearences on stage in 2019 and the release of his trilogy of singles. And just to conclude, I’m so glad to share here my collaboration with Nirvana Index, an italian friend of mine who is very fond of Visual Kei. I asked her to work with me to this celebration project and she totally agreed! She has done to tell KAMIJO’s 25 years of career in a video, but since there was too much to tell, she thought of two videos: one about LAREINE, NEW SODMY and VERSAILLES the secon one dedicated to KAMIJO Solo Project and other contents such as curiosities about KAMIJO.
I deeply hope you have enjoued the first two editions of ROYAL SALON, and the same I do for this one. Next time, more contents will be finally told here!
I remind you are all invited to cooperate to this project sending any kind of work: fanarts, live reports (back concerts reports are always welcome!), a short story or a fanfic about KAMIJO etc. Everything will be published here!

As always, for any concerns, suggestions and critics (do not be offensive, please) you can send me an email!

To conclude: feel free to translate any sort of content you find here. I only ask to be credited and to link my site as the only source. I would be really glad to see my project translated in so many lenguages, but being not able to do it by myself, you can do it instead of me! 😉

I wish you all a nice reading and a pleasant view!

May the Roses blow on your Path,
Reine de Fleur

* ROYAL SALON Summer Edition Part I
* ROYAL SALON Summer Edition Part II

ROYAL_SALON_Divisore_ChronicleSection dedicated to the summary of KAMIJO’s activities

KAMI_1908_Halloween_DigiTicket_fix_A1026[Tours & Concerts] Halloween Live Party 2019

A two day event held on October 26th and 27th at the Shinseiki Dance Hall. It was a live party lasting well over four hours and which included a special band-style performance. In addition to that, buffets, drinks and a variety of events and surprise guests, including a member of LAREINE. The musicians who accompanied KAMIJO in this event were Meku (guitar), MASASHI (bass) and YUKI (drums).

For more info on the event, click HERE


TEMPLE_Blood_Sucking_For_praying_reg_cover[Discography] “TEMPLE -Blood sucking for praying-“

First chapter of the “PERSONA” trilogy, released on November 27, 2019 and in two versions, the limited and the regular one. The cover was created by the famous Ayami Kojima, known for the subjects of the legendary video game “Castlevania“. This cover depicts Louis, the character around which all KAMIJO’s stories revolve.

For infos and buy your copy click HERE


[Discography] “Symbol of the Dragon”

Second chapter of the trilogy released on February 26th, 2020. Also for this work, KAMIJO relied on the precious hands of Ayami Kojima. As the previous single, it is available in two versions, standard and limited one. The subject represented on the cover is Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the key characters of the stories narrated by KAMIJO in his music.

For infos and buy your copy click HERE


[Discography] “Persona Grata”

Released on April 29 2020, this third and final chapter of the saga was a bit unfortunate. It should have been the forerunner to the “CRIMSON FAMILY” 2020 tour, which was canceled due to the epidemic that swept away everything on its way. Like the previous ones, this cover is also edited by Ayami Kojima and represents a character who has become important in KAMIJO’s saga, the Count of Saint Germaine. Like the previous chapters, also “Persona Grata” has only two versions of the CD, the regular one and the limited one.
For infos and buy your copy click HERE

Divisore_HeartROYAL SALON, “HEART”: section dedicated to our Followers and their Works

This video was edited by Nirvana Index and uploaded by me to my website channel. We both added credits, references and useful links, however the final work belongs only and exclusively to Nirvana Index. The text is in italian for practical reasons, but you can apply the english subtitle option. We hope you like it, let us know what do you think and especially if there is any other documented curiosity about KAMIJO. For any inaccuracies or even errors of any kind, write to me at info@allacortedikamijo.it and I will make an errata and warn.

Thanks and good vision from Reine de Fleur and Nirvana Index!

KAMIJO, Celebration of 25 years of Career Parte I

KAMIJO, Celebration of 25 years of Career Parte II

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